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Philip Goacher Associates is still operating as usual, with site visits and inspections being carried out in accordance with the government’s guidance on working safely during COVID-19 in other people’s homes (click here to read the guidance).

We are doing our utmost to manage the transmission risk, with our engineers operating from their homes where possible, and maintaining social distancing and hygiene procedures when on site and in our clients’ homes. We will endeavour to continue to provide our usual efficient service  but please note we cannot be held responsible for delays in our services which may occur due to compliance with government Covid-19 regulations.

Please get in touch by calling 01903 217723 or emailing to book in an appointment or discuss in more detail how we are keeping our employees and clients safe during this time.

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About Philip Goacher Associates

Philip Goacher Associates have been acting as expert Party Wall Surveyors in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and London since 1996 when the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 became law. 

Our Party Wall Surveyors

Our Party Wall Surveyors work closely with Building Owners and Adjoining Owners to ensure that all aspects of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 are followed closely, allowing the building work to continue without delays and in line with the law.

Why you need a Party Wall Surveyor

Party Wall Surveyors like those at Philip Goacher Associates are required when the Party Wall etc Act 1996 needs to be enforced – which is any instance whereby building works will affect a neighbouring property or the ‘party wall’ or ‘party structure’ that is shared between two properties. Where building works may affect the Adjoining Owner’s property a Party Wall Notice is required, sent by the Building Owner (i.e. the party undertaking the works) to the Adjoining Owner (i.e. the neighbour). At this stage, a Party Wall Surveyor can be appointed by the Building Owner to draw up the Notice.

The Party Wall Notice informs the Adjoining Owner that building works will soon be taking place on or near the party line. The Adjoining Owner can either agree to the works or dissent, in which case the Adjoining Owner will need to appoint either an Agreed Surveyor or an Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor to ensure the welfare of the property throughout the duration of the works.

Our Service as Party Wall Surveyors

We can act as Party Wall Surveyors for Building Owners or Adjoining Owners, as an Agreed Surveyor acting on behalf of both parties, or as a named Third Surveyor in cases where disputes arise.

Company Profile

Our Managing Director is a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers and as such we follow the strict ethical and professional guidelines set out by the Institution, and we abide by the ISO 9001 Quality Standards.

  • Managing Director: Philip Goacher – Eur Ing., B.Sc. (Hons), C.Eng., MICE, M.I.Struct.E
  • Personnel: 8 staff – 5 Structural Engineers and 3 other support staff.

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